Burgers should be wider, not taller! Let’s discuss

The sentence “Burgers should be wider, not taller” implies that when making a burger, it is preferable to have a wider patty rather than one that is stacked high.

The preference may be based on personal taste or practicality, as a wider patty may be easier to handle and bite into.

Let’s see at least two arguments for a pro wide and two for a pro tall burger, but feel free to come up with yours!

Wide burger:

  1. Better Flavor Distribution: With a wider patty, you have more surface area to evenly distribute the seasonings and toppings, ensuring that each bite contains a balanced combination of flavors.
  2. Easier Assembly and Eating: A wider patty is easier to stack with various toppings and condiments, ensuring that each layer is well-distributed and doesn’t overpower the others. It also makes it easier to handle and prevents ingredients from falling out while eating.

And now for the tall burger:

  1. Impressive Presentation: Tall burgers have a visual appeal that can be quite impressive. The towering height of a burger can make it look more substantial and appetizing, which can enhance the overall dining experience.
  2. Bolder Flavor Concentration: With a taller patty, the layers of ingredients, such as cheese, condiments, and toppings, are stacked more prominently. This allows for a stronger concentration of flavors in each bite, as the ingredients are compressed together.

So what do you prefer?

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